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Healing with the Angels

Sharon Ayton from Hope and Healing Holistic Therapies

Sharon will be at Feet First Therapies Training and Wellness Centre in Coleraine on the following dates:

Thursday 18th April

Saturday 4th May – including free information session


“I first discovered Reiki a few years after my daughter Anna’s death. I found Reiki was able to reach within me a place conventional counselling simply could not.

I am passionate about Angelic Reiki. Angelic Reiki is a stress relief technique which is very relaxing and releases the body’s natural healing abilities. The Healing is channelled from the Angelic Realm and is specific to the individual’s need. Angelic Reiki will release imbalances within your energy body, restoring calm, peace and harmony to body, mind and soul.

Angelic Reiki will bring clarity to your thoughts and make daily life feel more manageable. Angelic Reiki is excellent for relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, digestive problems , IBS, indigestion, throat and chest issues, grief and loss, Infertility, lack of self worth, chronic pain. The list is endless.”

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Emma kinesiology

Universal Kinesiology

Emma Henry from Universal Kinesiology, Rainbow Lighthouse


Kinesiology Clinic: 

Saturday 6th April – fully booked

Saturday 20th April – fully booked

Saturday 11th May

Emotional Truth Workshop:

Saturday 25th May

Contact information:

Tel: 07849966888

Email: info@universal-kinesiology.com

Kinesiology Sessions

Emma has birthed her own unique style of ‘Universal’ Kinesiology after many years of working in-clinic with clients.

Using Kinesiology as a means of communicating with your higher self, Emma brings awareness to imbalances held within your physical and emotional body. The gentle art of muscle testing enables Emma to speak to the true voice within you, your true and powerful self to discover what is blocking you from standing in your truth and owning everything you deserve in this lifetime.

Emotional Truth Workshop

This workshop has been Accredited by the Energy Kinesiology Association and Certification Board.

This one-day Emotional Truth workshop has been designed for holistic therapists wishing to explore the hidden depths of the emotional realm with their clients and support them as they face the emotions they have been taught to resist.

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stone reflex

Stone Reflexology Training

Sunday 4th August

Stone Facial Training

Saturday 3rd August

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Maternity Reflexology Training

Sunday 23rd June

Aims: The Learner will be able to support the maternity client with Reflexology through all trimesters of Pregnancy.  The course will cover common conditions of pregnancy throughout the 3 trimesters including the normal physiology of change for the mother and the developing baby.                                                                                                                                              The learner will have a greater understanding of pregnancy and how to apply reflexology to specific conditions, thereby supporting the mother and baby.

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Free Introductory Hypnobirthing Session

Friday 10th May

Introduction to Crystals

Sunday 12th May

Bach Flowers Introduction

2 day course

Sunday 30th June

Sunday 7th July


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Counselling sessions

Wednesday evenings 6-10pm

For adults and young people.

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Did you know?

Andrea Clarke Jennings at Feet First Therapies is the sole distributor for Zephorium products in Northern Ireland!

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