Pregnancy Massage – Full Body

60mins £50

This can help the mother-to-be adjust to the changes in her body, in preparation for childbirth. Pregnancy puts pressure on the joints, ligaments and organs which often causes pain and discomfort, especially in the lower back, hips and legs. Massage helps to relax muscle tension and improve circulation, which improves nourishment to both mother and baby.
Other benefits may include:
Reduced back, sciatic and joint pain.
Reduced oedema (swelling) of hands, ankles and feet.
Improved circulation.
Reduced muscle tension.
Improved oxygenation of soft tissue and muscles.
Reduced anxiety and stress.
Improved mood and energy.
Improved sleep.
Pregnancy massage can improve the outcome of labour and can help ease labour pain. Massage for pregnant women is not only physically beneficial, but also provides emotional support during pregnancy.
Massage is suitable from 13 weeks onwards.

Full body massage finishes with an amazing facial massage which helps to totally de-stress Mum-to-be.

Zephorium massage oils are used to tailor the treatment to your specific needs. These products help to realign your chakras using pure aromatherapy oils and crystal healing, promoting deep relaxation. The smells are divine, sending you into a state of serenity as your healing is taken to a new level.

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Did you know?

Andrea Clarke Jennings at Feet First Therapies is the sole distributor for Zephorium products in Northern Ireland!

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