Zephorium Holistic Skincare

Zephorium Skincare Full Set


NEW Vitamin A Holistic Skincare Range

Full set of 6 products: Cleanser, Toner, Face Mask, Face Cream, Serum, Eye and Lip Cream

These beautiful, high quality, natural, organic and cruelty free products are wonderful for all skin types, packing a high dose of natural Vitamin A from pure beta-carotene for healthy glowing skin. Tuned into the sacral chakra with homeopathic carnelian crystal in 3 frequencies and high quality organic aromatherapy oils. The deep cleanser removes daily grime, whist the 100% organic alcohol free orange flower toner gently tightens pores and refreshes skin. Our facial mask doubles as a scrub with fine orange peel to gently remove dead skin and encourage new collagen growth. Use the Serum to rejuvenate and load skin with vitamins before applying the face Cream and eye/lip cream to seal and hydrate. Use morning and night. All packaged in our signature glass sacral chakra bottles with aluminium tops. No plastic, no cruelty, no waste. 100% recyclable.